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What is Zither Magic?

A beginners curriculum course, designed for both new and shiny Zither beginners and those who have been beginners for a while and would like to move forward. You will find pictures, videos and audios on, Google Drive and a private YouTube Channel. Once you signed up, you will recieve all the passwords to get you started.

A whole tune book with over 40 tunes is included.

Who should join Zither Magic?

New and shiny Zither beginners and those who have been beginners for a while. Materials are developed for beginners and have been worked with since 2017 (tune book) and longer.


Which tuning is taught?

Munich tuning. (fretboard C – g – d – a – a)


How do I register?

Via E-Mail or direct Paypal payment. Once you‘ve payed, you will receive a link containing information and all the passwords you need. You will have a livetime access for Meaning, you can rewatch every picture and video and listen to every audio file as long as you want.

Once you’ve gone through all the information and you tried your first tones, you can get in touch with Carmen for your included 101-Zoom lesson. This lesson lasts 45 minutes. Once you received your Zoom link, click that link to attend your 101 lesson. Zoom allows everyone to see each other throughout the lesson. As there is a feedback, you wpn’t be able to play along with Carmen as a duo.


Is there a deadline?

No. You pay the course fee once and have access to the course for live time.

If Carmen ever wants to take down, the material will be uploaded for rewatch somewhere else and all participants will be informed via E-Mail.


I always wanted to learn the Zither, but don’t have an instrument?

I will be happy to help you find an instrument. There are a couple of ways and places to have a look at.



If you aren’t satisfied with the curriculum course, you’ve got a 14 days cancellation with getting 100% of your money back.


Are there any discounts?

If you join „Zither Magic Curriculum Course“, you’ll get 50% off each (M)ZZG for live time!

Sign up:


I still have questions

I would love to hear from you!

contact Carmen by sending her an email:


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