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„(M)ZZG = Monthly Zither Zoom Grouplesson"

… this is the place, where you can learn a new fun trad. German tune!

Join me and bring your Zither on September 10th @ 7.15pm UK, 2.15pm EST, 1.15pm CST, 11.15am PST

You'll learn a trad. tune for your christmas repertoire (no Carol).


This event is all about repertoire. You will learn techniques and skills along the way, but the primary goal of each class is to give you some new music to play. You’ll learn a bit about the history and origins of the music. Sheet music will be sent in advance via E-Mail. After the (M)ZZG you will receive an audio file for further study.


This class is geared toward intermediate players, but all levels are welcome. Music reading and Munich tuning required. The ability to play a few chords will be helpful.


25$ for 60 minutes (M)ZZG including sheet music and audio file.


I would be thrilled if you join me in this musical adventure.


SPECIAL OFFER: If you sign up for "Zither Magic Curriculum Course" you'll get 50% off each (M)ZZG.

Just drop me a line:



What is (M)ZZG?

(M)ZZG = (M)onthly Zither Zoom Groupclasss are live, online, group classes for fretted Zither with Munich tuning. Each month, the class meets for 45-60 minutes via Zoom. Students are provided with a .pdf handout in advance of each class, an opportunity to ask questions during the class and a video/audio of the tune to review afterwards. Class sizes are 4-12 students, so there is plenty of opportunity for interaction and personalized feedback, without the pressure of being the only student. 

Who should join (M)ZZG?

Zither players of all levels can benefit from a (M)ZZG with Carmen Amrein, university trained Zither teacher. Materials are developed in a way to include something to challenge AND encourage novice to advanced players. You always can play your left hand only and start working on your accompaniement right hand after the (M)ZZG. Nobody will be forced or asked to play solo infront of the group.

How does it work?

When you register, you will receive a link for payment via Paypal. Once you‘ve payed, you will receive a link fort he material and to join the Zoom meeting. Click that link to attend each class. Zoom allows everyone to see each other throughout the class, so you can play along with Carmen as she teaches. Student microphones will be muted unless they are asking a question, so you will only hear Carmen‘s audio. There might be recordings that will be sent to all students registered for that class at the conclusion of each class. Once Carmen wants to record, she will ask the class if that’s allright with everyone. 

Each class consists of a 45-60 minute live class taught by Carmen Amrein; as well as specifically tailored practice assignments within the class.  You will also receive handouts (provided as downloadable .pdf files), access to the complete video/audio of each tune; and most important to me: Interaction with other students.

Since this is a group event, a minimum of 4 total participants is required for each class to commence. If for some reason we do not manage that minimum, a full refund or exchange will be provided.

What If I can't make it to every class? Cancellation?

If Carmen Amrein cancels the class because of too few participants or any other reason, all participants will be notified via email and will receive a full refund.

If a participant must cancel, that participant should immediately notify Carmen Amrein. If a participant cancels more than one week in advance, a full refund will be given. If a participant cancels less than one week in advance, no refund will be given, because last-minute cancellations could make the number of participants too small for a webinar to be viable.


I don’t play the Zither, but I am interested in Trad. German tunes, am I allowed to join (M)ZZG?

If you don’t mind having Carmen talking about Zither technique in beetween, you are very welcome to join the MZZG. If there are a lot of instrumentalists interested in (M)ZZG, I might think about an open Zoom Session for all sorts of instruments.


Are there any discounts?

If you join the „Zither Magic Curriculum Course“, you’ll get 50% off each (M)ZZG for live time!


Sign up:


I still have questions

I would love to hear from you!

Hit the contact button, or contact Carmen by sending her an email:

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